About us

What is ADEDA ?

ADEDA stands for the Australian Diesel Engine Distributors Association.

The first AGM of ADEDA was held on 7th April 09, at which the Board members were elected.
Since then, the Board has met generally once a quarter (rotating at various offices in Melbourne)
and have actioned the following:

  • Developed Rules for Incorporation.
  • Incorporated ADEDA 03Aug09.
  • Established Bank Account.
  • Website (domain name) secured.
  • ADEDA Logo developed (this is WIP).
  • Preliminary discussion on goals & objectives.

What does ADEDA do?

The following items would be in the charter/scope of ADEDA:

  • Act as a body to represent the industry to the government, other industry associations, the general public and press;
  • Provide a forum for members to raise and discuss issues affecting the industry;
  • Provide initiatives for training;
  • Lobby the government to achieve positive outcomes for the industry;
  • Assist to improve practices throughout the industry;
  • Collaborate with industry partners to achieve favourable outcomes with trade shows and events;
  • Continue to deliver accurate and timely information for industry statistics.

At its launch meeting held in Melbourne on 11th Nov.2009, the primary aims and objectives of ADEDA were to be focused on the following:

  • Ensure we steer the discussion with state and federal authorities as our members desire.
  • Compilation of Industry statistics.

Continue to build ADEDA via our ‘membership drive’.